Comparing Relationships with Tables1. Decide whether each table could represent a proportional relationship.If the relationship could be proportional, what would the constant ofproportionality be?a. How loud a sound is depending on how farDistance toaway you are.Listener (ft)Sound Level(dB)85791020407367Costb. The cost of fountain drinks at Hot Dog Hut.Volume(fluid ounces)($)$1.4920$1.59$1.8930

Accepted Solution

Table B represent a proportional relationship,where the constant of proportionality is 0.025Step-by-step explanation:Table B has a proportionality relationship.Treat the values in table as (x,y) values to be plotted on a graph tool.The result is a linear function with a positive slope of 0.030.The constant of proportionality is 0.030.Given;Volume cost($)16 1.4920 1.5930 1.89Then you have ordered pairs of points as (16,1.49) ,(20,1.59), (30,1.89) .Using a graph tool, the results is a linear graph. Find the slope of the graph as;m=Ξ”y/Ξ”x For points (16,1.49) ,(20,1.59)m=1.59-1.49/20-16m=0.10/4 = 0.025You notice that the expression for the relationship is; cost($)= 0.025* Volume +1.09y=0.025x+ 1.09 where the y-intercept is obtained by extrapolation of the line. Learn MoreProportional relationship : Proportional relationship#LearnwithBrainly